The newest news is that I’ve refreshed this site a bit to be more functional and complex under the hood (all while using an off-the-shelf WP theme, of course).

BBP animationAdditionally:

  • Jessica Posner’s work is on exhibition at the Everson as part of Seen and Heard. I’m pleased to have been Director of Photography on her¬†BUTTER BODY POLITIC performance film.
  • I uploaded one of the little sound and video meditations that I did semi-recently (read: months ago): ADRIFT a¬†recording collaboration with Leo Crandall featuring intonarumori built by Zeke Leonard. This is a erstwhile project where we and a few others on an email list in Syracuse pass around bits of sound and make additions in our living rooms.
  • I got to be in this fun book!

    My panel from Creative Everyday by Ira Marcks. Aresource for kids, parents and teachers who want to know what its like to work in a creative industry.
  • Still tossing around stuff for an EP with Jeff Kimball. If I write this down here, maybe I’ll actually work on it sometime soon.
Artsy self-photo from Butter Body Politic shoot
Artsy self-photo from Butter Body Politic shoot