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The internet reminded me that I updated here everyday in the month of June last year. I’m not sure I’m going to accomplish that again this year, but it made me think I should put SOMETHING here. If my kid is going to start a blog, I can, as one of the third-tier (or lower) old-school web diarists/journalers/webloggers, at least make an attempt to update mine. So I’ll get this in under the wire of midnight, while avoiding a migraine, post-band practice.

It’s interesting reading the entries from last June and noting how much can change in a year and being shocked that last June was A YEAR ago already.

I’ve been slothful of late, after a kidney stone and rough cold threw me off track of running and weights. That does not feel good and I need to figure out how to schedule things back in amidst a busy work schedule and life happenings. Related: I spent Memorial Day re-organizing my clothing so that 1/3 of it isn’t draped all over my home exercise apparatuses. So that might be helpful. I’ve toyed with the idea of signing up for a fall race to kick me in the pants, but I’m loathe to pay for more races this year. The epic Syracuse Half (which seems like years ago itself) was enough and I suppose the Corporate Challenge is a thing, too. But I live on the perfect road for encouraging running (a big flat loop) and I miss feeling strong. So, time to get on that.

The problem with public blogs is figuring out how to write about the parts of your life that involve other people without dragging them in unwillingly. Some people don’t care and just do it. I am probably too concerned with how what I do affects others, both in writing and in action. That probably sums up a lot of where my mind is of late.

So let’s see where June 2016 ends up…

One thought on “June

  1. If it’s a lighthearted or fun experience, I include people in my blog. If they don’t want it, then I take them out or refer to them by a fake name,

    From personal experience, I’ve been going through similar issues: What to write about, should I write about, I want to write about and not “offend” people. There are topical and pertinent things that can be included in writing, but it’s difficult to not be specific about it.

    Say to hell with doubts, and just write. We creative and writer types will experience criticism no matter what we write. As long as it’s the truth and not a hate-driven, verbally abusive dig, violent tearing apart of another — anything goes.

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