Things of General Importance, January 2016

pawThings that are important, at this time and at all times, for me and for you, whoever you may be, now or in the future, in no particular order:

  • Action. Just talking about things is not good enough. Even if it’s not a real possibility, at least bring a situation to a point where you can make a real decision about whether it’s worth doing.
  • Reciprocation. Putting energy toward things or people that don’t return it back is no good. Save the energy for yourself. And if you are the one not reciprocating, investigate why that is and give back or cut it loose.
  • The Internet. Occasionally a plague of meaningless interaction, “The Internet” also lets you receive wisdom and encouragement from far-flung friends and colleagues when you need it most. You should use it and not hide from it, except for short breathers. It isn’t the enemy.
  • Music. Breaking out of the usual playlist is pretty necessary right now. Taking comfort in some familiar, wordless audio is excellent. Embracing some styles that you had previously dismissed is also excellent. You should also be making it regularly, in some way. Or at least supportive of the making of it.
  • On that note: embrace all things, including those you had previously dismissed. Dismissing things leads to closed doors and missing out. You are open to adventure and life. Because it’s short.
  • Related to action is PLANNING. No one is getting younger around here. Life is busy and complicated. A plan for yourself is a good thing. Having at least a bit of a handle on that is a good thing. You have your life together to SOME extent. You know how to make a reservation. You think “I should set aside some money for that” and then make a plan to do it.
  • But some spontaneity is good too. You notice your surroundings and your situation and run with it. And that’s ok because you had that plan in place to fall back on.
  • I think I should mention action again. Who doesn’t love ACTION? Boo to sloth and apathy. ACTION!
  • Conversation. Really into conversation that is more than hitting like and 140 characters. Even though the interwebz aren’t the enemy as stated above. What is all that? Interaction but not connection. Emails are good. The dreaded PHONE??? Also, the quaint “talking in person over coffee or tea” is very nice. Remember long conversations? Yup.
  • Hugs.
  • ACTION! You like to move around and not revert to being a lump.
  • Outdoor air and mostly silence. Sounds of non-human variety.
  • Recognizing the snapshot in the view in front of you. Surveying and capturing the scene in front of you. Reflecting.
  • Equal parts laughing and brooding. Both are ok. And don’t laugh off the brooding too much, but let it happen.
  • Trying food. Wanting to try food.
  • Wanting to go somewhere new to try food.
  • Wanting to go somewhere new. Trying.

To be continued…