I posted something quickly yesterday with a direct Vimeo link on social media, but then Jeff went and posted a link with Warm Thoughts attached, so I figured I should probably expound a bit myself. Everyone, you should know Jeff Kimball. Watch the video we collaborated on and then I’ll tell you more.

Jeff and I met in college, as part of the fledgling comedy improv troupe, Sheer Idiocy at RPI. He pretty quickly became the brother-type figure that I never had and we also lived in the same apartment with a few others during our senior year, an experience both wonderful and also requiring many years of therapy to work through and I’m just talking about cleaning the refrigerator out on the first day.

While at RPI, he and I collaborated as the most dead-pan members of our improv troupe and wrote a number of musicals in the form of 24-hour theater slams. But really, it’s only been in the past few years that our friendship and collaboration has begun to really flourish. Perhaps it is the dragging of time (as of this year, 18 YEARS since we first met. Our friendship is an adult itself.) or the experience of more life situations that has strengthened our friendship. Awhile back, we started to make it a priority to meet up more regularly, even though Jeff and his wife live in the Boston area and I live in Syracuse.

In between these meetups (that have resulted in epic mountain hikes, music festivals, hotel pancake extravaganzas, etc.), we have an ongoing text conversation (including photos of eggplant parms) and emails. A few months ago, I sent out an email to some of my musically-inclined friends asking them to contribute pieces of roughly 2-3 minutes for me to create videos with. Jeff sent me a few pieces and the video above is the first that I’ve finished, with more to come, featuring more music from Jeff (as well as from other friends). Along with the video, we’ve been working on a collection of songs, perhaps to be recorded and released as well, tentatively titled “Songs for Old Teenagers.”

What I’m saying here is that I think we’ll be StefNJeff-ing, come hell or high water or broken pancake machines, for at least 18 years longer and maybe you all get to enjoy some art and music as a result.