Titles are kind of a problem sometimes. Reverting to dates when titles are feeling superfluous.

Spending Labor Day hiding in my cave with all the lights off and a fan directly on me. Found that a plastic crate on top of my current desk actually makes an ergonomically-correct-height standing desk that can be disassembled at a moment’s notice. Standing desk in my home and exercise ball chair at work seems like a decent nod to health. It’s much easier to give in to natural fidgeting and I never find myself sitting on my leg anymore.

Eating tomatoes and my new favorite thing, Ithaca Hummus (it’s so good).

I knew a run wouldn’t happen today because I didn’t want to wake up early enough to avoid the heat (haha – I did anyway, but moved slowly rather than launching myself out the door). Pleased with myself for getting a good round of strength and core stuff in anyway though (with the fan pointed directly on me and a cold shower after).

Intently focused on a project right now and dealing with the ups and downs of the creative process. Can’t move fast enough to get ideas out of my head and trying to keep from spiraling out, as I am wont to do. Trying to record all of that for the next thing. Trying to stay focused on this and not on… everything else.



(Everything else is probably a more interesting entry?)