This photo looks like it could be part of something semi-glamorous, but it’s cropped and tweaked from a photo I took of myself while doped up on morphine and fentanyl in the ER of an Adirondack hospital this past Friday. Also, they should really take your phone away from you when you are that medicated. I only had wifi though and no actual reception so everyone was spared ill-advised phone calls. 

I was driving up to Keeseville Early Friday morning for an AARCH board meeting. Feeling good! Singin’ songs! Until I was feeling bad. And having to pull over to get out and walk around wondering what the growing pain in my side was. I eventually made it up to one of the rest areas and things started getting bad. I threw up and then called my mom from a pay phone and then called 911. The nearest hospital was about 10 miles away, but as I blubbered to the operator, I wasn’t sure I could actually drive my car at this point. So they sent an ambulance. 

I went outside to sit on a bench, doubled-over in pain. That’s when Mark, currently The Greatest Person Ever, came over and asked if I was ok. I was all “nooooooo” and he took over the situation and made sure the ambulance was coming and told me he wasn’t going to be leaving until they did. He also got in touch with my mom to keep her apprised of the situation. Then Autumn, a woman I only got a small glimpse of, came up and stood behind me on the bench to let me lay down without falling off. She had a lot of tattoos and a gravelly-voice, but was the most soothing presence. I’m hoping I can find her to thank her someday. 

Finally, the ambulance came and off we went. The two doses of morphine they gave me didn’t come close to touching the pain, although I could feel the rest of my body getting woozy. I was a sobbing, wailing, shaking mess by the time we got to the hospital. As soon as we got in, they gave me fentanyl and although my head felt like it was floating independently of my body, the pain dropped to a manageable level almost immediately. 

What had happened was that my body decided this was a great time to pass a kidney stone. And, before I left the hospital that afternoon, I did, saving me from a bevy of prescriptions and pain over the weekend. I’ve had one before, but it was over 6 years ago, so I had no reason to suspect another. 

LONG STORY SHORT: Friday stunk. And I missed the meeting. 

But Saturday made up for it! I was feeling much better so I decided to continue with the plans I had to visit one of my good friends from grad school in Saratoga on Saturday. We ended up at the track and my first time ever there will be hard to top. Her friends had a fantastic box seat AND we got to go back to the paddock with the fancy folk. 

And because the universe is strange, I ran into the OTHER Syracuse-ukulele-based-band’s drummer while there. Because that’s where the drummers go?

It was great to catch up with my friend though and talk with words and hands and visual guides after not seeing each other in ages though. Because texting stinks, as we all know.