The one problem with not updating daily is the feeling of having to write about something rather than just anything. This isn’t meant to be a space for perfectly crafted work. 

I kind of have a lot going on right now. Which, as has been historically true, means I am also filling my brain with all the other things I could be doing. Art projects and video ideas and maybe I should just buckle down and finish You-Know-What and and and… when I try to put my mind to one of those things, I am then overcome with guilt about not focusing on The Things At Hand and then neither get done. This is frustrating and I feel like I’m spinning my wheels. 

Sometimes, I am able to get in the flow and groove and can work for hours on something. If only I could bottle all of the planet alignment that needs to happen to reach that state. But it is something I need to work on more – I need to continue to carve out room for more intentional personal art and work along with the creative outlets of my band and improv. 

I’ve said to a few people over the last few years that now is when I wish I could go back and do the MFA that I walked away from, but I know I’m not going back to school (HAHAHA!!!). I KNOW that I can just do the work and I have the community to show it. Now I need to just do it. 

And maybe it’s more personally meaningful if I can drive myself to get it done amidst everything else that I should be doing anyway. This is when I need to reach over to the logical spreadsheet side of my brain and schedule the time and recognize that I need those constraints on myself to make myself focus. 

So daily entries may become daily art practice – which may not be a public thing here, but reflecting in here will help support that effort.