Selfie Triptych, 2015
Selfie Triptych, 2015

Pro Tip: When you add the word “triptych” and a date to something, it immediately becomes art. Intention!

Once I hit post on this, I’ll have succeeding in writing a post for each day of the month. The rules were bent a bit, but I think I stuck to the spirit of the challenge I put in front of myself. I’m not going to promise daily updates past this point, but I think I’ve created enough of a habit that 6 months won’t pass by again.

Some of the entries were minimal, but the fact that they exist will remind me that they were minimal for a reason, either due to a busy day, too much communication elsewhere or just not being into it that day. June was all action and delay and change and decisions and intrigue and a few quiet moments. June 2015 was historical and mundane all at once.

Tonight I’ll thomp my drums again – something I haven’t done in way too long and I’ll enjoy it. I appreciate my band for giving me an outlet to do something that, even if we were to dissolve, I would continue to do on my own, even if it were for no one else to hear. I’ve come to appreciate the feeling of the stick hitting the drum head too much. I need to work on becoming a better drummer, but at least I’m a good-enough drummer right now.

Powerful sounds and movements and action, especially with the tiny reminder today of my apparent fragility. I need to be better about what I’m eating and remember to take certain vitamins and not slack on physical health. Luckily, I was just talking to a coworker about this and she is willing to create a plan for me to reach those goals in a focused, disciplined way. Intention! Understanding that there may be outside catalysts for certain actions, but that you don’t stick with something unless YOU are actually committed to it. Intention in art, intention in body, intention in mind!

And then July will, after a moment, start out largely in the woods, both literally and figuratively.

What’s next?