I’m painfully tired, but I’m due to put something in here. Especially after eating the veggies laid out by the CNY Bloggers group. I owe it to them to keep up my schedule and at least write something. No weird videos or anything today. Just words and picture.

Ran this morning, which felt good. I feel like I’m back on track after all the bleh as of late. Got weights in yesterday and I’m squeezing in boxing this week too, gosh darn it.

The Downtown Committee Annual Meeting luncheon was today as well. Excellent food and I got all excited listening to planner-speak, something I don’t get involved in on a day-to-day basis much anymore. Then a quick stop after work to the aforementioned CNY Bloggers group to steal their food before heading to “band practice”. Which ended up being working on album artwork and was a really nice evening. But I’m also itching to play my drums again soon.

Also, if Death by Han Solo banter is a thing, I discovered that today.

Ok. Literally falling asleep at my desk. Done.

2 thoughts on “Return

  1. Well, now that I know you have a blog you’re in trouble because I’ll be popping in from time to time to offer comments and such; that’s just who I be. lol Great to see you at the blogging group last night, and I applaud you for your writing a blog post every day this month. It’ll be interesting to see what you put in a wrap up post, if you do one. 🙂

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