I went searching through a pile of photos this afternoon, to represent where my mind has been recently. This is a photo of a film photo, taken a long time ago. Not a great photo by any means, especially in its reproduced state, but I look at this and I remember being on that sailboat and how the air and ropes smelled as evening fell while my dad and I prepared to head out onto the lake for a weekend.

Life is kind of coming out of nowhere a bit rapidly lately. It’s a little Dickensian once again with the whole best of times, worst of times schtick. It’s funny how certain places and themes seem to pop up repeatedly. It’s funny how quickly your whole outlook can change thanks to a few small actions taken.

Places and time and all that. This is a short entry but a loaded one for me.

The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last.

And I need a new photo.