Frank D’Agostino said I needed a cryptic, wintery photo for this.

I’m writing this from a booth at Clark’s, recovering from a fraught, high-probability-for-failure work event that ended up turning out well, by all reports. I was “live casting” from our new facility to our annual meeting. And tech issues abounded but then it all worked! And I managed to drop off a piece of furniture in the there and back as well. 

So I feel like I deserve the sandwich and cider I just had and @dagsly was kind enough to come out to hang with me. I noted that I hadn’t updated yet, so here we go. 

I’m asking him for a topic right now. He is dithering. The topic, based on the song that is being sung nearby, is “Don’t Stop Believin'” as sung by Journey. 

Tonight, I did not stop believing that we would manage to get Skype connected and running properly! I won’t stop believing that my friend I texted with all day will get a satisfying response that can be acted upon! I won’t stop believing that organizations will choose efficiency over complacency! I won’t stop believe in sending the equivalent of hand grenades as emails! I won’t stop believing in feelings > logistics (and all the appropriate footnotes therein)! I won’t stop believing! I will hold on to that feeling!

Anyway. I got cast as both Robin Wright and Kristen Wiig in the Lifetime 315Twitter Movie today. 

I think this counts as one of those “checking the box to get it done” entries. Still counts!