This is Indian Lake, not Green Lakes.

Hello. I’m using the magic of technology to update from bed this afternoon. Yesterday’s post was written in my car at a rest stop. I should have just stayed in bed this morning, but I would have missed out on an excellent cinnamon roll. 

Earlier this week, I predicted a poor showing at the Corporate Challenge. I ended up being wrong about that. I then predicted a poor showing at this morning’s 7@7 race. I was correct this time. I woke up groggy, with the feeling of a blade against the back right side of my throat. But I managed to collect myself together and show up at Green Lakes to whine to everyone about how I didn’t really feel like doing this. 

And then the race started and then 1.5 miles in, after the first hill and water stop, I noted to myself that I was miserable and couldn’t regulate my breathing well and that knife was still in my throat and I’m just stopping here. If it had been a road race, I probably could have finished, but thinking about the hills and trail through the outer stretches of Green Lakes was just not happening. 

So back I went to the start, managing to run another mile or so on the flat trail around the lake. Managed to yuk it up a bit with coworkers and Y Runners (and accidentally record a finish time for myself when I forgot to take off my timing chip) and enjoyed our little party breakfast and then left and took an epic nap and and here we are. Back to that nap.