(I just picked a random word today for a title. Sometimes they relate to the topic. Today, you get “trombone.”)

This is not my cat. Cela ne veut pas mon chat.

This was a great week for external validation on a number of topics. One in particular made me LAFF out loud today and be all “THANK YOU FOR ADDRESSING THAT PARTICULAR DEAL BECAUSE NOW I KNOW I’M NOT CRAZY.” People are funny. They do funny things and what I have to say about it is this:
Seriously though, on other topics, I’ve had some people say some really nice things to me recently and it has been appreciated and when I’ve heard some dumb things said to other people, I’ve tried to let them know that I thought it was dumb and validate that they are not dumb. So much validation. It’s like a parking garage here.

I’m close to feeling the need to raise a white flag in terms of taking care of some important stuff. It will happen, though, and soon it will seem like ancient history.

I have a busy weekend coming up, but it’s all good stuff. Grabbing dinner with one of my many soulmates as prescribed by Facebook quiz app things then seeing some local music (featuring a ladyfriend on bass! rbblgrrlmusicpower). I’m being That Person and wearing one of my new Malvinas shirts. Tomorrow, I head to Indian Lake for the Adirondack Architectural Heritage Annual Meeting and the time of my arrival back in Syracuse will dictate further plans. THEN, I wake up too early to run in the 7@7 at Green Lakes and hang with Y Runners for a little party. I’m pleased with the red shirts this year. That color isn’t really represented in my athletic-wear until now.

I also need to reiterate that I love working in Downtown Syracuse.

This is a less cryptic weird entry than usual. Sometimes daily entries take the form of laundry list-type stuff. But I gave you a cat photo. #toobad