ice cream thrice

I ended up at the Downtown Gannon’s twice in just over two hours today, which is impressive. Even for me, a bona fide member of an ice cream club, with the elephant adoption papers to prove it. And the woman who knows what I always (usually) get was there behind the counter both times, so my reputation as A Person With A Problem (or, A Person Who Needs a Scheduler for Her Various Ice Cream Buddies) was solidified.

Yes, that is the same ice cream order in all of these photos, taken months apart. I have this problem at eating establishments where I get hung up on a particular dish and have difficulty ordering something different because then I’d miss out on getting to eat my favorite thing again. This is why they pretty much have my takeout order ready to go at Erawan. Why I’m “Greek Salad No Onions” at Soup R Salad. So on. So forth.

The thing is, and keep this on the down low… I don’t even really love ice cream that much. I KNOW. I mean, I love ice cream. I’m not saying I don’t LIKE ice cream. But in the past, I’ve ignored it for long stretches of time. If a gun was put to my head, I’d choose pie as Best Dessert-type Food. And I’ve definitely moved more in the savory food direction as I’ve gotten older. I’m saying that there are other people who really LOVE ice cream much more than I do. I’ve built up a bit of an incorrect reputation.

What I do love is seeing my friends. My “ice cream buddies” are my friends. And if saying yes (because who is going to say NO?) to “hey let’s get ice cream!” means I get to hang out with my friends for a bit, at least for the time it takes to demolish a cone, I’m down with that. “Hey, let’s get ice cream/coffee/brunch/lunch/dinner/whatever” means that someone took a moment out of their busy day to think to themselves that they’d enjoy your company. It’s a simple thing, but we’re all in our own heads so much that I think it’s nice to acknowledge the leap of faith you take in the simple act of reaching out to your friends.

I think this calls for a Smiths song, don’t you?
Hey friends – ask me. I won’t say no – how could I?