Thank god for lovely morning breakfast meetups with lovely people who provide support and validation to your thoughts and concrete actions to support you back. RECIPROCATION IS THE NAME OF THE GAME. I have a list of people that I need to reciprocate back at as soon as my head is on straight.

Speaking of concrete actions – those are hard to take sometimes. And sometimes don’t seem real even while you’re in the middle of them. Like, life flashing before your eyes stuff while you stare at a doorway or choose to turn down a certain road and get out of your car. 

I’m a planner by nature and nurture, but some things feel completely uncontrollable, even when you can see the decisions you make along the way. You have to sort of bury your head in the details to avoid getting dragged down by the larger picture. I know, I know… this is too cryptic.

Concrete things. Talking about French New Wave films the other day reminded me of the Jazz in Paris collection and especially the cinema discs, but this popped up quickly as I googled Alain Goraguer, so play it as you fall asleep