I’m pretty sure that if I don’t write something now, while hiding in my car before venturing out into the threatening weather for the Corporate Challenge run, I won’t get it done. I can easily predict that I’ll fall asleep in the chair, post-bedtime story. 

Two years ago, I couldn’t run because I wasn’t full-time. Last year was hot and gross. This year, I’m feeling out of shape after a few weeks of run slacking thanks to a lingering cold. I don’t feel ready for this, nor do I feel ready for the 7@7 on Sunday, which is disappointing as I was feeling pretty fit prior to my unplanned hiatus. 

Oh well. Life gets in the way sometimes and the routine is there when I feel ready to get back to it. Work schedules have also gotten in the way of my regular boxing class. I really miss that and am losing my pipes rapidly. It would be nice to feel on top of things again before the Boilermaker and I could absolutely use the physical release and reflection time that running and boxing provide.  

Hear that, self? TOO BAD! 

I don’t know if this was anything, but it was something. Check.