Clark ReservationGetting this in under the wire today. A busy day, although it started with sleeping in a bit after a late post-improv show night. Then it was off to volunteer at a house tour and then the improv collective bbq and then tonight has been spent taking care of some necessary stuff.

I’ve definitely come to accept that one of my life mottos seems to be “whether you’re failing or succeeding, choose the right people to fail and succeed with”. The succeeding part is pretty straightforward, but the more that screwing up can be graceful and gentle, the more it can… perhaps… be better in the long run. So far, I’ve been pretty lucky and amidst difficulty right now, I’ve absolutely come to appreciate that there are far different scenarios for how situations could be playing out and how, again, choosing the right people to fail with means staying far away from any of those scenarios.

Another point that was voiced today was the recognition that one’s particular brand of crazy workaholic over-scheduling might not be everyone’s cup of tea and you can’t judge a person on that. That’s something I’ve been trying to work on, both the part about not holding people to my own unattainable standard and also trying to back myself off a bit from the Do All The Things cliff. Finding the balance between Not Doing All The Things and still feeling like you’re packing your life to the gills is tough though.


No, I don’t know why I keep posting old snowy images from this winter.
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