I’ve got a ton of bits and pieces of song lyrics collected in my notes app on my phone. I wish I were slightly more melodically inclined vs. being a pagan skin thomper to put some of them into Actual Songs, but I also Know Some People and perhaps I should release my bits to the hounds and see what happens. 

I’m sitting and waiting for tonight’s improv show to start, drinking coffee, looking forward to what everyone has to offer tonight and hanging out with my friends. Sometimes I’m surprised that I managed to get involved with improv again after doing it in college. That seemed like such a singular experience that couldn’t be replicated, and this is not the same, but that’s ok. It’s just different. 

I’ll be honest. Sometimes I hate improv. Sometimes I just can’t stand watching it. And I’m not even singling out short-form here! It’s one of those “knowing how the sausage gets made things” in the same way that a designer can’t read a book or magazine without noticing all the ligatures or why that logo is wonky. 

But when you get a good group of people together who trust each other and can read each other well and step away from their everyday personas a bit, it’s so fun to watch what happens as they construct a story.  

So I’ll stick around until they get sick of me. SICK of me. SIC of me. SIC. Syracuse Improv Collective. See what I did there?

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  1. I know what you mean. I have trouble watching theatre for the same reason. I keep thinking things like “That was a sloppy set change” and “that guy is turning his back to the audience, WTF.”

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