My natural inclination is to be a blank slate and keep everything in. As Dr. Phil has been known to say: “how’s that workin’ for ya?” And my response, as Pete Campbell once said, would be “NOT GREAT, BOB!”

An exercise for another day would be to write a whole entry using pop culture quotes. 

Anyway. I’ve been trying to buck against that trend and reach out more, let people know what I’m thinking and feeling and show a little real emotion. 

Emotions are for ethnic people. ~ Crow T. Robot

It feels weird sometimes. It backfires. It’s uncomfortable. I don’t like telling you about it in here. Sometimes my version of raging emotion reads as a slightly reddened face. Or hand waving and complex gestures. 

But it’s honest. It’s action. It’s not worth it to waste time being quiet. To not share or try to create a connection. It’s not human. And in so many ways it’s easier to choose to be flawed, honest and open than to create an impossible image to live up to. Never apologize for being a real person, you know?