Imagine you are a pigeon. You are a pigeon strutting around a park bench.

A person ate a muffin at that bench, not too long ago. Crumbs are strewn around.

The question is whether that person left those crumbs behind for you to pick up and eat or maybe they are just a messy eater and paid no attention to them.

Did they finish most of the muffin and then look up and see you bobbing around and think “Awww, pigeon, here are some bits of my muffin for you! I am truly a lover of all flora and fauna. I have made this pigeon’s day better.” Or maybe: “Oh. Pigeon. Flying rats. I guess I will toss the rest of this to you.”

OR: “Crap. Dropped my muffin. I guess that pigeon will eat it.” OR: “Mfffmmfffmfmfffmf I LOVE MUFFINS AND I HAVE NO REGARD FOR THE CRUMBS THAT ARE FALLING ABOUT MY PERSON.”

Crumbs are crumbs and, from your perspective, as a pigeon, they are there to eat. Does it matter if they were intentionally left or not? Does it change how they taste or whether they contain the same nutrients as thoughtlessly discarded muffin crumbs?

You’re a pigeon, so you can’t very well write a thank you note to the person for leaving you those crumbs anyway. And if they really wanted to be nice to you, they’d eat a danish at the bench next time. Jerk.

What do quetzals get to eat?

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