And sometimes you find that there is nothing left to save.

When it was built it was just right for the times. But it didn’t adapt with change.

Rooms were shut off and fell out of use. Neglect left the paint chipped, with bare wood and brick showing through. Weeds grew up through untended cracks, that grew larger each year. The tenants put in the bare minimum of upkeep, leaving it habitable, yet sparse and uncozy.

And rehabilitation fails with no sustainable plan for use.

But it can’t be simply torn down with dynamite. Even the most controlled blast generates debris.

It must be a salvage process, saving the bits that can be useful elsewhere, being gentle with the environment and those living alongside.

It takes longer. It costs more. Experts must be brought in.

And what happens in the meantime? What comes next?
Where do you go in the meantime and are you ready to be there yet?

Contingencies that were not considered in the original master plan.
Conditions that are untenable.

What does your shelter look like now?