The time came to say farewell to my “first” pair of running shoes today.

I say “first” because it’s not like I’ve never owned a pair of athletic sneakers before. But this pair was purchased with the express purpose of training for the 2013 Boilermaker. Which I did and then these sneakers stuck with me as I stuck with running and got my through a number of other races including two half-marathons this spring.

Certain running stores and experts will say that you should replace your shoes more frequently than yearly, but I wanted to symbolically retire these ones after running the 2014 Boilermaker. And I was planning on doing just that, but then I forgot that I’d need to buy a new pair before speed work on Tuesday and I didn’t have time for that. So instead, the purple Asics (DS Trainers, for those who care) had their last outing on Tuesday night in a rain storm. Rode hard and put away wet is the saying, I believe.

If I actually stuck with one recording method, I’d know the exact number of miles on them, but it’s roughly between 500-600 miles.

I was thinking about sticking with the same style, but they’ve changed it since I last bought them and the salesperson, who also had the purple ones, said that they didn’t feel the same (and they are also in a fugly color scheme). So I tried a few and ended up with these Nikes.

And this pair, barring disaster, will see me through my first marathon. Hey there, new friends.