Old Bag

I have a bit of a problem involving Tom Bihn bags, in that I own many of them. The first one was the Brain Bag I bought for grad school, which I sold afterward (in pristine condition because they are indestructible) to buy an Ego, which I still have and use regularly (with a Snake Charmer and Freudian Slip.

I was never a “purse” carrier, but awhile back I realized that I kind of did need a bag of some sort, but I’m really a “bag” person and not a purse or pocketbook person. Enter Tom Bihn again! I ended up choosing the Small Cafe Bag, which I used for years until Cecilia was born and then I found that I often needed a little more room. So I graduated to the Large Cafe Bag. And used that up until now. I had also gotten a Swift, which is the greatest knitting bag ever a few years back. And I was finding lately that the dimensions of the Large Cafe Bag weren’t quite working for me. I have this zippered folio that was a little too big for it and what’s the point of a bag that you can’t put things in? I realized that the Swift was actually the right size for what I needed. They aren’t that different in size, but the Swift is a little wider and shaped a little differently. Large Cafe Bag and Swift

I’ve been running a trial with using the Swift as my everyday bag and I have to say that it’s working really well. I thought I’d miss the shoulder strap of the Cafe Bag, but the Swift handles are big enough to be comfortable on my shoulder. I also thought I’d miss having the flap over the top of the bag, but the clear pockets of the Swift make sure that most of my stuff is secured away and it doesn’t really fly apart easily otherwise. So I think I’m going to stick with using the Swift for awhile longer – I can even slide my laptop in if I don’t feel like taking the Ego with me!Looking in the Swift

The Large Cafe bag will probably become the new/old knitting bag and the Small Cafe bag also sits at the ready for use as a camera bag or for times when I just need to carry a handful of things with me. It was nice to find that I already owned the bag that ended up fitting my needs perfectly!