Running and Apples

Burrville Cider MillLast weekend was rather busy with activity! On Saturday, my mom came to visit and we took a drive up to the Burrville Cider Mill. It had been years since we’d been there, since before Cecilia was born. Here are some photos from our trip WAY back in 2006. Not much has changed, although the amount of water in the falls tends to change yearly. One time we went it was completely dry and other times it has been much heavier. The freshly-made, hot cinnamon-dusted cider doughnuts tasted exactly the same and by that I mean awesome. I could easily eat a whole bag of those, but managed to keep it to two. And they are best eaten while enjoying the view out back.

Happy Doughnut Eater Golden Apples

We ended up coming home with a bag of apples, cider, fudge, and Croghan bologna. And a desire for more doughnuts, but again, they really aren’t the same unless they are still hot and fresh and eaten outside. AND we managed to squeeze our trip in before the rain started that afternoon! We had dinner at Coppertop Tavern, which mean GIANT LOADS OF FOOD. I had never been there before (there are two locations in the Syracuse area), but it was pretty good and a nice end to the day.

Bread Run MedalThe next day, I ran in my first 5k! After doing the Boilermaker earlier this summer (a 15k), I wanted to bring things back down to reality a bit. I was supposed to do the Tromptown 5k in DeRuyter earlier this summer, but I was out of commission health-wise when that rolled around. So the CNY Bread Run 5k ended up being my first post-Boilermaker race. And it was great! There were a bunch of Y Runners there (doing both the 5k and half marathon) and a group of us hung out and chatted afterward. My goals for the race were to run the whole thing (which I certainly did not accomplish for the Boilermaker) and try to finish under 40 minutes and I did both of those things. My official time was 37:26 with a pace of 12:03, which is really good for me. My pace for the first mile was actually more like 11 minutes, but I quickly felt that I wasn’t going to be able to keep that up. I would love to be at 10 minutes per mile or just under by next year, but I’m happy to take things slowly. I’m already 4-5 minutes faster than I was when I started in May and I can feel big changes in my endurance, both physically and mentally from then. Work in progress and all!

And, even though the photo is a bit blurry, is there anything better than the running slice of bread on that finisher medal??