Weekend Food

I spent a lot of time cooking this weekend, dealing with the remaining tomatoes and other vegetables from my CSA box.

Roasting Tomatoes
Salsa Ingredients

First up was roasting a bunch of tomatoes to fill two freezer bags for use at a later time. I roasted them until they were brown and soft. “Sun-dried” texture is too much chewiness usually for me, but these will be soft and great to use in chili or tomato sauce during the winter. I also used some tomatoes for a roasted salsa recipe. Everything (I added a green pepper) on the pan got roasted until slightly blackened and then whizzed up in the food processor. I’ve already eaten about 1/4 of the jar I made.

Pressure Cooker
Toor Dal

Next up was tackling some basic recipes for everyday Indian dishes: toor dal and baingan bharta. A friend of mine from Cornell sent me her recipes to try and they came out great! And I used the pressure cooker (borrowed from my mom) for the first time, which was thrilling. I need to try a few more things with it in the future. I think I let the lentils cook a tad too long, but they still tasted good.

Roasted Eggplant
Baingan Bharta

If you know me, you know I love eggplant. Heck, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to eggplant! Baingan bharta is one of my favorite Indian dishes, so I really wanted to learn how to make it myself. I’m not sure how appetizing that photo really is, but it tasted amazing. Of course, I tortured myself by not actually having any of this for dinner, but packing it up for later. Although, I think I’m pulling the eggplant right back out for dinner tonight…