Oh hai. New site.

Yes, so I’ve overhauled this site. Back on the front page after millions of years. Plain old blog that I’ve barely tweaked, so I can focus on updating and not making in this space. I’m just going to jump in.

Let’s see, what’s up:

  • We are attempting to refinance our mortgage. I am wary of it actually happening as our house needs to be appraised for a $ amount that I think is just over what it will actually be appraised for. If it went through, we would cut 10 years off our mortgage and $$$, so that would be great, but if it doesn’t, it won’t be too big a deal [we can always try again in the future, depending on rates] and we won’t have lost any money.
  • I managed to get out to the Regional Market at 7am last weekend on my way to the long run at Onondaga Lake. Picked up some corn, pickles, shortbread cookies, and ingredients for this lentil pie stuff that was amazing from the soup mix people. My run was great this morning too. I managed to go a full 45 minutes and my pace was closer to 12 mins rather than my usual 13-14. It feels good to know that I’m halfway to the 90 min long run standard that we’re working toward in the program.
  • We signed Cecilia up for theater classes starting later this month. The theater is putting on a production of Annie and they have classes for kids her age and it seemed more up her alley than just straight dance. I’m pretty sure the little kids end up just being in the background for most of the production, but I’m sure she’ll have fun being on stage.
  • I have to get an MRI later this month to check on the status of my innards after THE RECENT DARK TIMES to make sure nothing bad is happening. Not really looking forward to that, but whatever. Still on prednisone. Open boxes of Wegmans Marshmallow Treasures (I KNOW) are no match for me.

Yeah, I just needed to put a new post up that wasn’t from 2012. Let’s hope things get more interesting!