Flares! Beds! Oh my!

new bedAs any of you on Facebook have seen, we switched Cecilia to her new “big girl” bed last weekend. We had been debating about what to do in moving her out of her crib. We had been in no rush as she never tried to climb out (except for one time when we were having issues about it being bedtime, but I was right there) and she liked it and we didn’t have to worry about where she was wandering at night. But it was starting to seem like it should happen soon. She is certainly not getting lighter and they just get to the point where they are autonomous enough that it does start to feel like “baby jail”, especially with a 3 year old! And it would give her more usable room in her room because she could actually use the bed space. AND SHE HAS.

I don’t know how long she’ll actually fit in this toddler bed, but it is a decent wooden bed and my mom offered to buy it (it was just at K-Mart), so we just decided to do it. We were a little concerned at first because she’s always been a fan of her crib, but it went ok as we took apart her crib and she “helped”. We just couldn’t mention that maybe some other baby might use it. But she was excited enough about the new bed and the pink pillowcase I got her and flopping all over the new bed, that it ended up being fine. She kept wanting to run in her room and check to make sure her new bed is still there and she slept normally in it the first night.

The next morning, I heard her rustling around her usual wake-up time (I was awake, but just laying in bed listening to her). Then I heard our doorknob jiggling and the door opened slowly and a curly blonde head poked in and came trotting over to say “Mommy! It’s morning!” It was one of those classic kid moments and it’s nice to know that she can come in if she needs us now. We did put one of our gates up though so that she can’t go past the hallway – I’m not quite ready to let her have the run of the house without our knowledge just yet!


I pretty much started having a Crohn’s flare the weekend of March 17-18 (which involved fever and chills and The Runs among other things). I knew something was up. That week was spent with dr appointments again. My GI on Monday and then I had to have a small bowel series on Thursday morning, which involved drinking this fruity chalky bleh barium stuff and then having them take a bunch of x-rays of my innards while essentially being paddled with a balloon. It also took almost 3 hours because you have to wait for all the stuff to go through all of your tract so they can make sure there are no strictures or fissures. Luckily, that was not the case.

Now they want to do a capsule endoscopy, which involves me swallowing a pill cam. I have to admit that’s kind of cool. I’m also on a round of antibiotics (actually, that’s done nwo) and prednisone again (started at 40mg and tapering down 5mg every week). I’ll be doing the capsule endoscopy on Thursday, so that should be interesting. I went crazy at got two different Gatorade flavors (lemon-lime and mango) for my Miralax “prep” the night before. Figured I’d mix things up a little. I’ll be going back on the Humira this week too. Woo.