Winter Dinner

O hai. Apparently I have this blog? It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I will try to remedy that soon, but for now, here is a post about our dinner tonight, written mostly to provide people that asked with links to the recipes.

Pesto chicken, roasted cauliflower, and couscous.

First off, there is the pesto chicken. I pretty much followed this recipe for Baked Pesto Chicken from Kalyn’s Kitchen. I didn’t cut my chicken into strips, but gave the boneless breasts some gashes to let more pesto in. FYI, I’ve also made this with bone-in breasts. I pulled the skin off and again slashed them to let the juices in more and reduce cooking time a bit. I also didn’t brown the cheese. And I used a jarred pesto. Maybe someday I’ll make my own basil pesto when I finally grow some basil. I HAVE made garlic scape pesto before, so I’m not completely pesto-less in experience.

The roasted cauliflower was inspired by this recipe from Everybody Likes Sandwiches, but I used a slightly different seasoning. The original recipe called for cumin and sumac, but I happened to have some za’atar, which contains sumac, so I just used that. I roasted at a lower temperature as the chicken called for it, but bumped it up after taking the chicken out and gave them a chance to brown up a bit more as the chicken rested for a bit.

The couscous is just 1 cup of couscous to 1.5 cups of chicken broth. You bring it to a boil and then turn off the heat and let it go and then fluff it. I poured some of the pesto “sauce” over it as well so as not to let tasty juices go to waste. And there you have it!