Halloweens Past and Present

This is a photo of me (and my cousin, Matt) on Halloween, circa 1981.

Halloween - 1981

Some facts about this photo:

  • If I’m calculating correctly, I’m roughly the same age in this photo that Cecilia is now. Obviously I was freakishly tall as a child and had lots of hair. I still have lots of hair, but tallness began to elude me around the end of elementary school.
  • We are standing in what is currently our kitchen back when it was my grandparents’ kitchen, pre-remodeling. I actually really like those old curtains! That flooring was still in place up to this summer.
  • I’m wearing the bottom part of a Tweety costume and the look is cracking me up. Maybe I’ll go as “Little Me Wearing The Bottom Half Of A Tweety Bird Costume” some year for Halloween.
And here we have Cecilia, wearing her pumpkin costume (that she wore all day today and almost wore to bed, but it was too lumpy to let her get comfortable) at school and surveying her loot from the Halloween party they had. I don’t think we’ll do trick-or-treating yet this year, but there is a Halloween party at the fire station Monday night that she’ll get to wear the costume to (if it doesn’t end up being her uniform for the whole weekend).
Cecilia PumpkinCecilia Halloween Loot