Crohnie Baloney

On Friday I had my follow-up appointment with the digestive doc to go over the results from my colonoscopy and talk about medication moving forward. It confirmed that I do have Crohn’s Disease (they take biopsies to confirm it). He said it was more on the moderate side (as opposed to a mild or severe case). So, that’s that.

Last of the grapes from the arborIn terms of treatment, I’m tapering off of taking prednisone (Yay! Especially since it was starting to cause acne.) and I am now taking something called 6-MP. Here is a page from the CCFA that explains maintenance treatments more fully. I can take it orally, once a day, so that’s pretty easy. Unfortunately, I’ll have to get regular bloodwork done to make sure it isn’t dropping my white blood cell count. But at the moment, it’s certainly easier than Remicade infusions or injecting Humira. So fingers crossed that this works well!

I’m curious about how I will feel after I’m off of the prednisone. I still don’t really have “normal” things going on in the bathroom, but I’m pretty sure the antibiotic I just finished had a lot to do with that. It seems like things have been improving since I stopped taking that a few days ago. I’m just curious what the new normal will be. Will the arthritis and mouth sores stay away once the prednisone is gone? And what does or doesn’t cause a flare-up? All things to think about.