Old School

The Lady’s “new school” was closed on Monday, so she and I decided to take a trip to go visit friends in Syracuse. First, we stopped at her “old school” to drop off some fudge to her old teacher, Erin, and say hi to old friends. I was surprised that some of them recognized her and, just like that, they were all off and running like she had never left. And yes, these photos are all blurry for a reason since I didn’t want to plaster these kids all over the interwebs without their parents knowing I had taken photos.

Old School 2

Afterwards, we met up with our good friends Steph and Charlie for some lunch and a trip to Onondaga Lake Park where some hard core sand-playing took place. Luckily no volleyball teams came by to steal the big sandbox away from us.

Onondaga Lake ParkCecilia has also been very interested in all of the bits of electronics hanging around the house and always asks to go in “Daddy’s Other Room” to check things out. She loves singing songs and exploring the sounds that the microphone makes when hooked up to a guitar pedal.

Doing ElectronicsOver the weekend, there was a chicken bbq at the fish and game club, so everyone came over and we had take-out dinners. Someone didn’t want to sit down at first, so I let her go off and read books by herself for awhile, but then she decided to run in and “surprise” us and have some dinner. Afterwards, she wanted to put on her Cinderella dress and dance around. We ended up outside when my uncle and his grandson showed up: apparently my aunt had put my name in for a raffle at the bbq and I won a large mum plant and some pumpkins! We played outside for awhile and Ceciliarella decided to “paint” the side of the garage with weeds and enlist Joe’s help.

PaintingAll in all, a good long weekend.