Cecilia and my mom and I went on a little adventure on Saturday as we visited Hidden Valley Outdoors in West Winfield, NY. I wish I had brought my actual camera with me to capture The Lady’s reactions a bit more, but perhaps next time!

My mom had heard about this place from a co-worker and as we found, it was the perfect place for this particular 2.75 year old. Of course, this particular 2.75 year old fell asleep in the car on the way there as she had not taken a nap prior, but after waking up, we enjoyed a “safari” tour, offroading in a utility vehicle to get up close to bison, rams, yaks, goats, emu, an ostrich, horses and cows, and a number of other animals. Cecilia LOVED this – she got to feed them crackers and touch some of the animals and wave to them and GO FAST in the XRT vehicle and was just enthralled the whole time. She kept looking up at me from her seat with this look on her face like “this is the greatest moment of my life.”

We also picked out a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch and went in the corn maze, which was also Big Fun as Curious George had once gone in a corn maze. We didn’t have a map like he did, but Cecilia navigated us through quite a way until we hit a little muddy patch and I made some maneuvers to get us turned back around and going back out to the entrance. And they have BOUNCY HOUSES. Do I really need to expand upon the desirability of that feature to a small child?

We really enjoyed ourselves there and had no idea that it existed prior to this summer. I’m sure we’ll be back as they also have fishing and camping and sleigh rides in the winter. The people running it were friendly and it’s pretty affordable too (especially if you have a child 3 or under – FREE!).

Joe was back in Syracuse, clearing out some stuff from the shed at the old house (anyone want to buy our house in Syracuse? please? please?), so we have to go back at least one more time.


Here are some things I’ve found around the onlines recently:

  • Pasta with Cauliflower – I added crushed red pepper and parmesan/romano cheese to Bittman’s recipe, which is not unlike recipes that other members of my family have made (also with the addition of pepper and cheese, because why wouldn’t you add those things)?
  • My Star Trek Quiet Book – This makes me want to cut out felt.
  • Design Sponge: Sofa Made From Old Doors – I almost jumped in the car to run to a salvage place upon seeing this. Perhaps I will make a door sofa and door chair someday to replace the ones in the living room.