Robot Monster

Joe and I switched cars a few weeks ago, much to Cecilia’s dismay. “My” car was a 2002 Honda CR-V and Joe’s car was a 1999 VW Passat. She has since adjusted (“Mommy, WHY are you driving Daddy’s car???) and I have enjoyed the heated seats in the Passat on the past few chilly mornings (although there are a number of idiosyncrasies that I still have to get used to). The reason for the exchange was that the Honda has many fewer miles on it and Joe drives much more than I do for work, so why not use that car up a little more and give the Passat (aka the replacement car after losing our other CR-V in The Great Eastwood Flooding of 2011) a little rest.

“Yes, but what about your colonoscopy?”


Oh yes. On Wednesday, I finally went it for my colonoscopy/gastroscopy. The prep wasn’t super-fun, but it could have been worse. I mean, I had been having diarrhea problems anyway, so what’s new, right? I did throw up once near the end of the prep, most likely just due to the vast amounts of sugary liquid in my empty stomach. However, I would gladly choose the laxatives/Gatorade route than some of the other preps that apparently taste worse. The procedure itself was nothing. I went in, got hooked up to an IV, waited around, got carted into a procedure room, felt a little woozy and turned on my side and next thing I knew I was waking up from a nice nap.

However, the results of it all appear to be a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease. They found ulcerations and whatnot in my intestines in the right places for it and the other symptoms I’ve had (mouth sores/ulcers, fatigue, arthritis in ankles, etc.) point to it, too. I’ve tried to read up a bit about it online, but I feel like lots of the stories I read are about people who have had much worse symptoms than I have had, as bad as things were this summer. Of course, I’ve been hopped up on prednisone for a month now, so I don’t know what things would be like if I weren’t on that.

I have an appointment in two weeks to follow up with my GI doc, so we’ll see what the next steps are in terms of medicine for maintenance and such. I kind of want to go off the prednisone (which got bumped up in dosage this week) and see what happens, but I guess I’m just not ready to be A Person With A Condition just yet. Now I have all kinds of pills to take when I was hard-pressed to remember to take a multivitamin in the past. And I get to have B12 shots now too, which just seems like a very 1960s calisthenics kind of thing to do. FOR HEALTHFULNESS AND VIM!

The final health note for now is that the migraines still seem to be at bay. Does Crohn’s cure migraines? Maybe I’m on to something here… Although I would bet that it’s all inflammation-related somehow. WHO KNOWS?


In other news, I’ve been able to catch up a bit with my work, which makes clients happy. I still feel like I have no time to do anything, but I’ve been able to stay up later! I just wish I could plan my daytime hours better to take advantage of meeting with people and a few other opportunities that require more daytime hours.

I have a few more entries in the pipe as I don’t want to overload each one with different topics, but I thought I should get this posted to show that I DO plan on keeping this site updated!