There comes a point where the nice smell that you use to eliminate the bad smell becomes intertwined in your brain so that you smell the nice smell and think “cat poop”.

kittiesWhen we first moved in here, I had put the litterbox in the “office room”, however it soon seemed to make more sense to put it in the area where the little steps are by the sliding door in the kitchen (descriptions that, of course, mean nothing to someone who hasn’t seen the inside of this house). And then one of them decided to just keep pooping where the box was. That was a fun discovery. I started keeping the door to the room closed, though, and I think we’ve finally moved past that difficult time. I still close the door, but I let them come in the room now and no one has tried to poop (and the area where they, and by they I mean Brand O, I’m pretty sure, was right near my feet, so I would NOTICE). Suffice it to say, though, that I have thoroughly cleaned the area. But now I just expect to find a small pile of poop waiting for me under the desk and I expect to smell it. Time for a new candle or something in that room to introduce a new, non-cat-poop-memory-tainted smell.

My mom is going to be hosting The Lady for an overnight tomorrow. This means that I need to be Productive in the meantime. I need to try to finish up some freelance projects that have been lingering thanks to the Summer of Falling Apart and the bathrooms should probably get a deep-cleaning. And laundry and grocery shopping. And corralling the spread of toddlerania for at least a few moments.

I also need to brainstorm soon about how I’m approaching my business going forward. Things feel all a-jumble right now. In theory, I should have more time to devote to MyWork, but in practice it doesn’t feel that way yet, which I think is due to the flexible nature of my WorkWork. Flexible is good, but it also means that I don’t always have the same days/times off during the week and it’s hard to plan ahead, especially for things that need to be done during regular business hours. And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to missing some of my regular Syracuse “remote office” haunts that helped to define the MyWork time more fully. There’s another post in here about how I wish I could live in about five different places simultaneously.