Crazy Ball

There always has to be a first post, so here you go. The story thus far brings you up to the beginning of this year. A little more catching up and then I can feel like I’m in the present. So how did we get here?crazy ballWell, my grandpa passed away in January and after a lot of thought and work and planning and ado, Joe and Cecilia and I moved into my grandparents’ old house (my grandma passed away a few years earlier). We now live back in my hometown, surrounded by my family (and that’s pretty much figuratively and literally – my aunt and uncle live RIGHT next to us). We’ve been here now since roughly June. No, we haven’t sold our house in Syracuse yet. Want it?

Living in this house has certainly been an experience, to say the least for me. I’m not sure how much of it feels like ours just yet. A lot has changed (paint, furniture, THINGS), but there is still a lot that is iconic of “Grandma and Grandpa’s House”. Some things will continue to change (I’d like to paint the kitchen walls and cabinets at some point, for example), but other things will stay (like the iron scrollwork and stone of the foyer and some major pieces of furniture). Our first Christmas is probably going to be particularly strange, although we are absolutely going to be shining the color wheel on our non-aluminum real tree.

It has been odd to co-mingle our stuff. I feel like there is still a lot of sorting that needs to be done, even after a dumpster purge and a big garage sale. There are keepsake items that need to be stored more properly than stuffed in the closet in my office room. We have more laundry detergent than a family of ten would ever use in a lifetime. The front porch/entrance needs to be sorted out to fit our routines. The basement needs to be cleaned more to make it a suitable place for all the instruments to live. I need to find a place for the extra coffee pots. It’s been a long process and will probably be ongoing for a few years at least, which is a little overwhelming to think about. In our “old” house, we came into a clean slate and although things probably weren’t perfectly set up, it was ours. This is ours, but with lots of history still attached.